Law firms have to really lead by example: Ben McQuhae & Co

In November 2021, Asian Legal Business spoke to our firm’s founder, Ben McQuhae, about the message our firm is trying to send behind our move to become the first offshore buyer of China-originated carbon credits (CCERs), and how law firms can bolster their ESG credentials.

In brief:

Choose values. COP26 confirmed the importance of leadership and courage by decision makers. We are certainly trying to do our bit. Law firms and lawyers can and should play a major role in accelerating the sustainability transformation. No other profession enjoys a court-side seat on every major corporate decision, policy initiative and dispute. We are uniquely positioned to influence positive outcomes if we want to. It comes down to choice. Plain and simple. Ben McQuhae & Co chooses to operate at the intersection of law, ESG and innovation. We choose to only take on mandates that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We choose to be a net zero carbon business and to support our clients to achieve the same. This is why we focus a lot of time and effort on helping to develop robust and high integrity carbon markets. Speed and scale are key and this is why we were willing to make the first move with the first ever offshore trade of high integrity China-originated carbon credits and why we were happy to help Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) deliver a net zero carbon 2021 ESG awards ceremony.

Thank you Asian Legal Business for the spotlight. Check out the full article through this link:

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