Ben McQuhae & Co expanding carbon markets in Asia with carbon market experts at the HKGFA Annual Forum 2022

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Ben McQuhae & Co expanding carbon markets in Asia with Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, UBS, PwC, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) and the China Emissions Exchange (CEEX) at the Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) Annual Forum 2022.

This year’s theme for the HKGFA Annual Forum 2022 was Integrating Sustainable Finance in GBA and Beyond. Our founder Ben McQuhae was invited to moderate the panel discussion “Expanding the Role of Carbon Markets in Asia” to tap the brains of carbon market experts on how to unlock the potential of carbon markets to increase green capital flows.

The takeaway? 1. Greater collaboration. 2. Trading activity. 3. Global standards. 4. Interoperability. 5. Smart regulation. 6. Talent development. The panelists’ expectations in response to our request for one thing we can expect to be rolled-out and delivered in the next 12 months to show real action and progress in carbon markets development in Asia. We have been talking carbon markets in Hong Kong for some years – we are sure everyone would agree it’s time for real action.

To catch the panel discussion:

And thank you South China Morning Post SCMP Eric Ng for covering the panel discussion in your article – click here:

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