Professor Paul Watchman was named TBLI Hero for an unprecedented second time

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Huge congratulations to our very own Professor Paul Watchman, who was named TBLI Hero for an unprecedented second time by TBLI, the world’s leading ESG/Impact Investing network/authority. TBLI regularly highlights the efforts of individuals who consistently sacrifice to create an economy based upon wellbeing.

“Normally, we only give the TBLI Hero Award once, but Prof. Paul Watchman is truly exceptional.

Paul Watchman is a climate legal pioneer, TBLI Hero, and class act. With his ground breaking work ‘A Legal Framework for the Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance Issues into Institutional Investment’, he showed the importance of climate risk for fiduciaries, long before it became fashionable. Paul has won countless awards, but always remaining humble, generous and committed to institutionalising sustainable finance.”

said TBLI’s Robert Rubinstein

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